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Uses and Applications

Teflon is an amazing material first discovered in 1938 by Dr. Roy Plunkett while he was working for Dupont. Teflon® has exceptional properties like the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material known to man, making Teflon® the original nonstick finish. Additionally, Teflon® is also inert to nearly all chemicals, a truly remarkable property.


Our Application Process

With the utmost care, we process all different types of materials utilized in all types of industries. By building close relationships with our customers and suppliers we ensure that you get the attention, dedication, quality you deserve. Our dedicated team is always ready to serve you!

Outstanding Properties of Teflon®

Teflon® is polytetra-fluoroethylene, or PTFE. The molecular structure of Teflon® is based on a chain of carbon atoms, the same as all polymers. Unlike some other fluoropolymers, in Teflon® this chain is completely surrounded by fluorine atoms. The bond between carbon and fluorine is very strong, and the fluorine atoms shield the vulnerable carbon chain. This unusual structure gives Teflon® its unique properties. In addition to its extreme slipperiness, it is inert to almost every known chemical.

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