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Your Applications Source

Slipmate has been the application’s source for a wide variety of Fluoropolymer coating solutions since 1953. Our customer’s diverse requirements are as numerous as the industries we serve. Slipmate’s customers hail from the food, manufacturing, defense, aerospace, computer, wireless, service, industrial, medical and automotive arenas.

Working as a Team, We Can Solve Your Coating Needs With These High-Performance Coating Solutions:
  • Anti-Stick Properties – Teflon®, Teflon “S”®, Silverstone®, Supra®, FEP, Xylan®, Excalibur®, Quantum®, Emralon®
  • Ease of Maintenance – Teflon®, Teflon “S”®, Nylon, Epoxy, Xylan®
  • Electrostatic Powder – Epoxy, Nylon, Polyester, Vinyl, Urethane, Acrylic, Hybrid,Teflon®/Tefzel®, Halar®, Kynar®, PVDF
  • Dipping Applications – Epoxy, Vinyl, Polyester, Nylon, Urethane, Kynar®, PVDF
  • Corrosion Resistance – Teflon “S”®, Kynar®, Halar®, ETFE, Teflon®/Tefzel®, Epoxy, Polyester
  • Cryogenic Properties – Teflon®, FEP, PFA, Xylan®, Teflon®/Tefzel®, Kynar®, PVDF, Halar®, ETFE TEFZEL
  • Sanitation Coatings – Nylon, Epoxy, Polyester, Teflon®, Xylan®
  • Antimicrobial – Silver Series Antimicrobial Additive
  • Thermal Applications – Teflon®, Teflon “S”®, Silverstone®, Supra®, FEP, Xylan®, Excalibur®, Quantum®, Emralon®
  • Abrasion Resistance – Nylon, Teflon “S”®, Kynar®, PVDF, Xylan®, Excalibur®, Quantum®,Silverstone®
  • Dielectric Characteristics – Kynar®, PVDF, Polyester, Epoxy, Nylon
  • High-Impact Strength – Nylon, Epoxy, Polyester, Kynar®, PVDF, Halar®, ETFE TEFZEL
  • Teflon Sheets, Tapes, Adhesive Systems, Backing Substrates, Release Liners, Belting – Custom Tapes, PTFE Coated Fabrics with or without Adhesive Silicone Rubber Coated Fabrics, High Temperature Belts & Belting Materials
  • EMI-RFI Coatings – Copper, Silver, Nickel.
  • Other Applications – F.D.A., U.S.D.A., N.S.F. & Military Specifications, Electronic Conformal Coatings, High Temp Ceramic Coatings, Dry Lubrication Coatings, Decorative Powder and Spray Coatings, In House Shot / Grit Blasting, PFA, Bake Ware, Food Service.

Contact Slipmate For Coating Solutions

Slipmate has developed working partnerships with numerous Fluoropolymer manufacturers, which can directly benefit you by assuring you will receive the highest quality in coating treatments. We are a charter member DuPont® Licensed Industrial Teflon® Applicator (L IA). Slipmate is also a highly recognized quality coating application source for Whitford and Spraylat and numerous other coating products. These companies have a long history of innovative high-performance coating development. Together with over six decades of coating experience, we can offer you real solutions to your coating problems. Take a moment to examine the material of this web site to see how Slipmate can help solve costly problems, enhance your product design and get the job done right.

Same Day, 24 and 48 Hours Express Service